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CERN Escape Pod Ready At The LHC

"Yellow Submarine" Prepared For Launch Just In Case

Collider safety has always been a hot button issue at the LHC. Now we know just where that button is connected. CERN of course will say that their Escape Pod is the CMS Coldbox, and it does look suspiciously like the CMS Coldbox. That's what you would expect. Helium cryogenics are mandatory in any OMG Pod scenario. CERN like it's been telling us all along is now finally ready for any safety issues.

Hot hadrons, pas de problème.

The "Yellow Sub" project was fast-tracked years ago when rumors from RHIC of signals suspiciously like Quark-Gluon Soup, were circulating at collider conferences confirming earlier rumors from CERN's old LEP.

Now Hot Quark Soup has been definitely confirmed by RHIC at RHIC. The soup of course is served very hot at 7 Trillion Degrees F or in Europe at 4 Trillion C.

Enough to melt a collider or a planet or pick any star. Fortunately the RHIC ran out of collider juice before physicists could cage a sample. Though the LHC has plenty of juice, 70 times more at 14 TeV and when it comes to those heavy hadrons in the RHIC formula, the LHC can cook them up at 1150 TeV or 5,750 times RHIC's total power.

Not exactly good news for CERN's mega-collider, outclassed by a little shrimp collider from Brookhaven. Not for long though. CERN will be making its own soup soon enough with fancy hors d'oeuvres to start maybe this March, unless some birdbrain drops another baguette.

On the more farcical side of collider safety, I'm publishing a new series of reports on the Large Hadron Collider in NewsHammer. For collider fans and people who read science papers upsidedown like anybody at CERN who needs to find out what's really going on.

The final updated Doomsday Report will be published here in The Science of Conundrums. Check back for the latest episode of:

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--Alan Gillis