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November 14, 2015 ·
Chasing the Past
Civilization of mankind produced several benefits. One of them is preserving enjoyment and a dubious one is the capacity to postpone enjoyment.
Civilization meant more leisure and development of avenues for occupation of the leisure, including postulating existence of god (existence of god is a different issue from man’s concept of god, which is the mental creation of man), worship, rituals, metaphysics.
Sense of history, which is innate to the evolution of brain from purely a biological angle of survival, food and procreation, has been developed as to external events and it has created emotional upheaval at the injustice that occurred within a society or between societies. We see a lot of effort directed to correct that injustice though in the current context, it may be quiescent. We seethe about the injustice reminded to us by dubious history as if it has befallen us just. We want to take steps that will prevent such future injustice. The hard fact is that there is so much current injustice, graft and sexual violence for instance, which we have no clue how to avoid. Maybe chasing history is a pleasant diversion from real issues.
A friend of mine said in the eighties when video recording was a craze that he did not want to go for it because there simply would not be time to catch up. Today we have archival and retrieval technology. We have time because the basic needs are met. So we have the luxury to live in the past.
When people go sightseeing or when a wedding takes place, more attention is paid to capture it in still or video pictures than be part of the moment and its mirth.
There was a poser in a group in FB, ‘What is the aim of technology?’ Perhaps, it is to enable living in the past.

November 22, 2015 ·
A rash comment:
I feel that if history and newspapers are not there, the world will be free of half its crimes. Both fan the spirit of revenge.

If we draw lessons from history, it will be laudable, but we want to correct history and settle scores more than learn.

July 05, 2014

Pining for the past

From Facebook

Once upon a Time...
When Window was a hole in a room and Application was something written on a piece of paper,
When Keyboard was a Piano & Mouse just an animal,
When File was an important office material and Hard Drive meant an arduous road trip,
When Cut was done with knife and Paste with glue,
When Web was a spider's home and Virus flu,
When Apple & Blackberry were just fruits...
That was when,
We had a lot of time for family and friends..

Kv Chellappa When family is strewn far and wide, internet connects us instantly. That is the way to count the blessings.

Yash Soni But those were good days, in many ways. Life was simple, water was potable, soil had the power and was attractive so that we could play with it, people were gentle and we had the liberty of knocking at any door at any time of the day or night. We were all a family, not now..we are individuals even within the family, everyone busy with his own gadget..there was pleasure in that misery too. May be my memories are coloured as I was a child in those days and now almost at the other end of life..I am happy with this life too, sitting in my room I can do whatever needed in running normal life including having a perpetual company of friends.. 
If yesterday's joy reinforces itself in the present moment, why not enjoy? Not if it is wistful and produces a feeling of lost. Not if it saps the energy needed to carry on to the next moment with enthusiasm. Your recollection, vivid and valid, is one of a feeling of togetherness that was nurtured by physical proximity, a freedom to hug and punch, laugh and cry with each other. It was great, but today's joy comes from virtual images, a reproduction, just as economy has advanced from primary (real) to secondary (symbol) and to tertiary (play on symbols). In a way, I am so contented, I spend most of the time with computer and it does not exhaust me. I enjoy this type of interaction, something where you can sign off without hurting the other person, or rejoin later with no effect of lag; music; digging into references on doubts that nagged with no one to clarify; and so on. As someone said, perhaps it has shut off actual human interface; may not be; as everyone is hurrying aimlessly, time available for it is far reduced. We are making a virtue of necessity. This moment is precious and full of possibilities. Maybe, if we live as long as we have (and with as much agility), we may recall these moments as having been pleasant, but lost. Mind is the chariot and atma is the driver..upanishad. Let us drive it into furrows of joy.

Yash Soni Very impressively said. First thing is, no use crying over what is gone, more so since we have moved on so on and on, not only in terms of time but more technologically such that our past of a few decades old looks as if a century separates it from our present. In the process of advancement we have smothered the nature whose bliss is more powerful than any thing else. The Mother Earth may be crying in silence the way way we have treated it. Life is devoid of fresh air and water in some areas in the country-we are sucking, drinking and eating chemicals. The comforts of today are at a cost; we need not move out of the bed to run our life including in terms of socialising. At the end of the day, though, we take comfort from the fact that life longevity has gone up. This may be the result of easy access to knowledge which is no more a preserve of a chosen health therapists. Also, it's a stray thought though, looking at the kind of clothes our youngsters wear, the music and dance they indulge in these days, I feel the nature seems to be preparing us for a bigger change in future.