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I took an auto. On the way, a motorist took a right turn blindly ahead of the auto and dashed on it. He stopped, came out and looked at the damage to his car and the auto. The auto driver also inspected. No altercation! The motorist, a young man, pulled out his purse and offered some cash. The auto driver refused. He said coolly that there was already damage to the auto. The young man tried to force it, but the auto driver would have nothing of it. 
When he dropped me, I paid him 70 as the metre showed 66. He promptly shelled out the change, something the auto drivers normally do not have.
We perhaps get rains still because of such people.

I am trying to cross near St Joseph’s college. As the signal does not seem to be on, I walk up to the policeman. He puts his hand out and walks across escorting me. I thank him wondering whether it is a dream.
I look for Sundaram Mutual Fund in Phoenix building, but it is not there. I ask a person in the stairway, and he suggests that I try in another building a few yards away. There also there is no trace of it. I ask a gentleman. He goes out of the way to find it for me using his mobile and calling a few numbers. Then, he looks around for the watchman who just returned from lunch. He says that they had moved near Trinity Church.
A good day when I met people who try to help. Never mind that I did not go to Trinity Church.

I waved but many autowalas ignored or refused as the distance was short. One stopped and took us in. He did not turn on the metre. He put his hand on it, but withdrew and murmured inaudibly something. I did not press as I know the fare.
The driver saw me talking to my wife in Tamizh and started a conversation. He said that there was too much evil, injustice and strife in the world and gave a laundry list of sufferings. He asked me why it was so and answered himself that it was because we have man’s rule on earth. He assured me that soon god’s rule would come and there would be no suffering. I suggested to him that even now there is only god’s rule and suffering will be part of life and without problems life would not be there. He brushed me aside and said that it is man’s view. I looked at him and he too looked like a man only.
He kept haranguing at every signal when the auto had to wait. But, as in life, in journey too there is an end mercifully. I paid him more than the normal fare in appreciation of his taking us when others refused.
As I got down, I saw the name ‘Emmanuel’.
That is mobile evangelism.

I attended briefly the new year party in a complex. The compere was a young girl dressed queerly. She asked a girl her name. The girl said Samskriti. She asked the girl the meaning of the word and the girl replied culture. The compere asked her to tell about Indian culture. The irony was loud.
The music was thunderous making the whole body shake as in an earthquake. It is a wonder how they call it music. Long back I attennded Rolling Stones performance. The name was apt. Rolling stones might have been sweeter perhaps.
After every performance she said it was fantastic, awesome, and such things, making me wonder whether she was a dictionary or human being knowing the meaning of what she uttered.
After the first two performances, I left to save my ears and heart. The immediate reason was that the performance of my grandchildren was over.
My daughter was saying that a friend of hers was expecting a child. My grandson asked, ‘How is it known? (eppadi theriyum)?’ My daughter smiled and said, ‘They told us.’
roceedings or the rigmarole of the occasion were indeed a hindrance.
After the function was over, one boy said, ‘It was such a bore. They could have given it in the next class.’
Children love play, excitement, animation, fight, chat and what not.
I made no noise and heard no meaningful syllable. After the event, I found myself alone as everyone left me dreaming, a favour conferred on old age. Luckily I knew the way back.
I collect flowers on the way to buy milk. As I was plucking the flowers from the tree, a young boy (less than 5 perhaps) picked one from the ground and offered to me. I took it from him with a smile and said, ‘Thank you.’ The next day again, he looked at me and pointed to other flowers in another plant. He was happy to be part of the life he was observing. I wondered whether it is for good that we chain them in school and cram into their heads humpty-dumpties. The school bus arrived and he was lifted and taken into it. I saw the name of the school on the bus, ‘Freedom International’ Good joke!
 wanted to get a grandson and his wish was answered and he was all joy. In Madurai, an old lady in mid-eighties takes care of the home when he goes there. His son lives with his mother in Chennai, he said.
Then, he said that his elder brother died in an accident at the age of 29. His father was shattered and died of grief a year later. The wife of his brother and a year old child were left to be cared for when his brother died. His mother was also there, who died at 94 years of age. He devoted himself to taking care of all of them. A family of his own would have cut into this duty, he said. He added, 'I do not call it sacrifice. It is duty.' The son, he referred to is his nephew.
He would have shared more information. But, my legs rather than my ears got tired. I invited him to come home some time and took leave.
I went across to buy medicine and was waiting to cross over. The fruit vendor asked, 'When will madam return?' His wife added, 'It was lively with her around with a number of people turning in for yoga (bhajan actually).' Their warmth was touching. I do not even buy fruits from them and they owe nothing to me. Is not life rich with such fellow-feeling that is spontaneous?
I returned for reuse the plastic bags in which the lady flower vendor supplies flowers. She remarked, 'Are they clean? Hope no flower petal is stuck inside, in which case I cannot use it as my customers use the flowers for puja.'
When I go to buy milk in the morning, it is my custom to collect some flowers. As I was plucking flowers one day, a girl, who was returning rom walk in the park, smiled genially, plucked some flowers for me and went her way.
Living is fulfilling with such trivia.