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4 ways to curl your hair

How to get well drawn loops that hold all day?

When one has smooth or wavy hair, one sometimes dreams of a hair with beautiful curls well bounced! With the 4 techniques below, it's easy!
With a curling iron

This technique is performed on dry hair and previously disentangled. Start by applying a heat shielding care on your lengths so that they do not damage with the  curling iron . Then take a small strand of hair and wrap it from the tip to the root in the iron. Hold for about five seconds and release the wick. The effect is immediate, you have just created your first loops!

Do the same with the other locks. If you find the curls too tight, just put your fingers in your hair to relax them. All you have to do is fix your hairstyle with a little hairspray, and that's it!

With a straightener

If you are more of a smoother and you want to loops from time to time, your  straightener  can be useful! Start by taking a ride in your kitchen because you will need aluminum foil.
Separate your hair into small strands and wrap them one by one on your finger. Then wrap this roll in a piece of aluminum foil.

When all your hair is so prepared, heat your straightener to 180 ° C minimum. Pinch the foils between the plates for a few seconds and then remove them. You get a beautiful looping notch and you just have to crinkle your hair in your hands for the result is more natural.

With curlers

This technique is to do in the evening, before sleeping. Wash your hair and wring it out in a towel. Wick after wick, wrap your curlers and fix them on the top of your head. So swaddled, your hair will dry very slowly and your curls will be ultra shiny the next morning!

If you want very tight curls, opt for  small curlers . If you want wider curls or to wavy your hair, prefer  big curlers .

With braids

Do a multitude of  small braids in the hair to have curly hair the next day at school, we tried it all! Let's face it, the result was not very natural ... For a better result, simply adapt the technique.
In the evening, coarse braids of varying sizes are loosely braided, and hair is drawn at random. The next day, the curls will look almost real!

Convinced? With these techniques more or less fast, for the hurry as for the perfectionists, the curly manes are within the reach of all!

Party hairstyle: 3 tips to curl your hair without curling iron!

Curl her hair using a bottle
It sounds a bit crazy, but it's an effective technique . Just bring a plastic bottle (a good way to recycle ) and a hair dryer. Using a cutter, make an opening on the upper third of the bottle.
Then take a strand of hair, go inside the bottle , while placing the tip of the hair dryer inside the hole. Turn on your device, and magically your hair wraps around itself and forms a whirlwind for a bluffing result: a perfect loop!
Be careful however: plastic and heat do not mix, do not use this technique every day!

Loop her hair using a headband
If you want beautiful ripples, opt for this technique that promises not to damage your hair. For the realization, you will need a cloth headband and a spray with water . Position the headband on your forehead (as when using a sports headband) and moisten your hair. Separate them in the middle in two parts, and start by combing a wick, then wrap it on itself while passing it under the headband. Repeat and move on to the second half of hair . Stay at least 1:30 for a nice result.

Curl her hair with mats
We all know (or almost) this trick easy and quick to achieve. After washing your hair, comb them and use a little sweet almond oil or organic argan on your tips to keep them dry. Then, make a braid. You can adopt a tight braid to have small curls or choose a soft braid for a big ripples effect.