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How to curl hair with chopsticks

If you want a new way to shake a cute hairstyle, then these simple seal curls are the way to go. This method works with all hair types and textures and is ideal when you want to add makeup.

Chopsticks curls

Wash your hair. Put some shampoo and massage on the scalp for a minute or two to promote blood flow. Saturation of the ends of the hair with conditioner and leave for five to ten minutes before rinsing.

Remove knots and tangles. Start with a wide-toothed comb from the bottom to the top to remove the knotted hair.

Take some chopsticks. The amount of chopsticks you need depends on how much curl you want your hair to curl. Use more chopsticks to curl your hair and reduce the loose curls of the chopsticks.

Wrap your hair around the chopsticks. Grab a large piece or a small piece of hair and rotate it around the chopsticks, just like a normal curling iron.

Secure with a clip or small hair band. Once the hair is around the chopsticks, use a headband or hairpin to prevent it from spreading

Continue through the entire head. Repeat this process until all the hair is wrapped in chopsticks

Allow to dry. If you decide to wait overnight, wear something to protect your hair. Be very cautious when your hair may be untied; you can also do housework around the house.

Remove the chopsticks. Once the hair is completely dry, remove the tie or clip and gently remove the chopsticks. Continue this process until all the chopsticks are out of the hair.

Shape your hair and add accessories. Use any hair product you need and decide how to swing new hair by leaving your hair. Make a tall pony, hair, or even make a "half-upper half" style or add a nice bow.

Wrap your hair around the chopsticks. Grab the large or small pieces of hair and then rotate around the chopsticks, just like a normal curling iron.

Press the flat iron on the wrapped hair. Hold the flat iron on your hair for a few seconds, making sure that all hair is touched by the flat iron.

Gently remove the chopsticks. Carefully pull the chopsticks out of your hair.

Continue until all the hair is curled. Repeat the same process throughout the head.

The style is as usual. Use whatever hair product you need to achieve the look you want.