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How to curl hair

How to curl hair

We all want to change their way from time to time to look fresh and attractive. And we typically start with our hair. And if you add that we are always under time pressure, we usually need quick and effective ways to influence our appearance. Today, Stylish Stuff will teach you how to curl your hair and change its look drastically, but reversibly.

The first thing I want to say is that a quick result is not possible without the use of thermal effects. So do not use special means to moisten the hair and to protect it from drying out.

Fast result and cost-effective ways to express iron

1. Curler is perhaps the most popular and affordable method of hair curling. The manufacturers made sure that the fans of this ancient method of hair styling save time and created hot rollers. Now it is not necessary to sleep, curls hair on the uncomfortable coil, as our mothers and grandmothers. Enough to throw curlers in a pot of water and let them cook. Then gently pull the curlers so that they could not cool down when curling. Put on curls in curlers and leave for 15-20 minutes. Then take off your hair and try to keep the lock intact - bouncy curls ready!

Another, more modern alternative from the same opera are electric roles. You do not have to cook and then risk your fingers burning in and out of hot water. They are in a special sarcophagus, heat up in a few minutes and the working principle is similar to hot rollers.

2. iron. This device allows bold curls without much effort and time. Their reach is enormous and manufacturers are attracting buyers and giving their product a variety of functions. There are curling irons that are equipped with the ionization method to protect the hair from drying out. Wide device with a ceramic coating to neutralize static electricity. Some plates have the option to choose the temperature mode. Others have a socket. In general, the negative effect on the hair tries to minimize.

Curling allows you to tighten the hair from the roots to the ends. Tender as curly you want, the smaller the diameter of the nozzle has to choose. The thinner the strand, the clearer the structure will have a curl. Remember that it is impossible to curl wet hair, it is very traumatic for them.

Take the strand of hair and attach it to the tip with the clamp. Next, consolidate it at the roots. Lock is to hold the pliers for 10 to 30 seconds - but not anymore. When you release the pliers, allow the strands to cool slightly and hold their hands. And then fix the lock with hairspray.

3. The hair straightener. Yes, that sounds like a paradox. It seems that you want to curl your hair as fast as possible with a device with the opposite purpose. It can not be right here. Of course, curling "the little demon" we do not promise, but to get a graceful wave or to give the volume of curls with his help, it is possible. Of course, this method requires some skills, but if you get your hand, the desired hairstyle will be obtained quickly and easily. In addition, you can use some iron models to style wet hair, which significantly speeds up the curling process.

It works like this: you draw a pad on the base of the strands, make a strand of hair around the hair straightener and move it to the ends. Voila - an elegant wave finished!

4. Absolutely analogous to pressing - use of hair dryer and brushes . You can create art on your head is a mess, with different diameter brushes and creating curls or varying degrees of "twist".

So, if you have a question about how to curl your hair, use one of the suggested techniques. But remember that it should not be involved in such things - after all, any effect of high temperatures contributes to their health.

How to curl his hair overnight

Of course, if you have straight hair, you can do something curly to easily change your look without doing too drastic. The change in texture is often enough to spice things up occasionally. Fortunately, getting curls is not as expensive and difficult as it used to be. Today we can do it ourselves with our reliable curling irons and we do not even have to go to the curls because they leave after washing. However, the heat caused by regular loosening of the hair can damage the hair, so some options without heat are handy if you are someone who regularly curls his hair. However, heat-curls take a lot of time, so they do that before you hit the sack is the best option. Here are some ideas

Braid them - lichen is one of the easiest ways to get curls overnight. You can make any type of braid you want, from the regular three-strand to a fishtail to a five-strand braid or even a rope braid. This works best on damp hair, but if you do not wash your hair for the night, you can just splash it with some water instead. Soak your braids overnight and release them in the morning to release beautiful curls. Straighten your hair with your finger, comb it and then put your locks with hairspray and you're ready for the day! Remember to braid your hair a little harder to get curls. Loose braids create more waves instead of curls.