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How to curl his hair without iron?


It's not because your hair is stiff that you can not change your head. And you do not necessarily need material to curl your hair. If you do not have a curling iron , you can still wear beautiful curly hair whenever you feel like it.

Loop your hair by twisting
Twists are very easy to perform, even if you are not very good at the hairstyle. To make a twist, simply wrap hair strands on themselves. The thicker your locks are, the wider your curls. You then raise the torsades in a bun , and fix them on your skull with bars or elastics wide. Go to bed as well, and the next day, undo everything. You have beautiful curls. Just brush it lightly to give them a little volume. If you are pressed for time and want curly hair in one hour, spray all of your hair before twisting.

Loop your hair by braiding
When making braids , you will not need a curling iron for loops either. Take three strands of hair , more or less thick depending on the volume you want to bring to your future curls, and make simple braids. The closer the braids are to the skull, the higher the loops. You can play on the volumes in the vertical and in the horizontal. To have long lasting curls, you can apply hairspray before braiding, or moisten your hair. When you undo the braids, you will be delighted with your curly hair.

Loop your hair with a straightener
This may seem surprising, but a straightener can be used to curl your hair , just like the curling iron . Wrap locks of hair around your finger, and wrap them in aluminum foil. Once all your lashes are ready, take the straightener, and place it a few seconds on the aluminum foil. You can enjoy your curly hair right after.

How to curl your hair naturally

Curly hair brings a touch of elegance to any look. Many people have naturally supple hair whose ripples can be accentuated through certain hair styling techniques. Whether your hair is vaguely wavy and you want to get real English or you want your natural English are less curly, using the right method of washing and styling will allow you to get hair at their best.

Choose a light shampoo and conditioner. Choose products that will help you define your curls without weighing down your hair. Look for shampoos and conditioners designed to define curls: these products will give shape to your hair while moisturizing it, for a shiny and healthy hair  [1] .

Lean your head forward and wring out your hair with a wick. Using your fingers, divide your hair into several locks, avoiding as much as possible to undo your natural ripples. Use a soft towel to wring out each wick, starting from the roots and working towards the tips.
By letting your hair dry in the open air without separating it into several sections, the mass of your wet hair will tend to settle down as it dries, instead of separating into well-defined curls.
Do not rub your hair vigorously with a towel to dry it or you could make it frizzy. Gently squeeze your lengths.

Apply a special gel or cream to curl the hair. Instead of applying the product to all your lengths, rub a small amount of product between the palms of your hands and scrunch the tips of your hair between your hands, then run your fingers in your lengths to deposit the rest of the product. You will get well defined loops and avoid weighing them down.

For best results, apply the product separately on each wick.

As you apply the product, gently squeeze your hair between your hands to obtain well-rounded curls.
Dry your hair with a diffuser. After your hair has dried in the open air to the point where it is wet, lean forward to hang your hair in the air. Then use a diffuser attached to your hair dryer to dry your hair with a wick, directing the dryer from the bottom to the top and not the other way around. Pass the diffuser in the wick as you dry and reassemble gently to define your curls at best. Continue section after section until your hair is dry.

By using a hair dryer without diffuser, you will smooth your curls.
During this step, touch your hair as little as possible and let the diffuser do its work. By touching too much your hair, it tends to frizz.

Finish with a touch of light lacquer. The lacquer will allow you to fix your curls longer, especially when it is wet. To keep your curls as long as possible, try not to touch your hair too much during the day. Avoid wearing a hat or other accessories that could flatten your hair.

Wash your hair in moderation. Curly or frizzy hair tends to be drier and thicker than smooth hair. Because of their spiral shape, the natural oils produced by the scalp do not reach the ends and these types of hair are not as naturally hydrated as smooth hair. Curly hair must be treated specifically and must be cleaned less often  [2] .

If you wash your hair every day, try limiting yourself to two washes a week and see if your curls are less dry.

We all have different hair, then do some tests and see what suits you best.Consider washing your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. Many people with kinky or curly hair use this washing method and say that using a conditioner instead of a shampoo leaves their hair just as clean and without drying it out. The conditioner moisturizes the curls and gives them shape instead of undoing them.
Look for a silicone-free conditioner. Silicone shampoos will make your hair shine at first, but will leave residues in your hair and weigh down your curls as you use them.
And if you use shampoo, choose one without sulfate. Sulphates are cleaning agents that dry the hair and wreak havoc on curly hair. It may take several weeks before you can establish how often you need to wash your hair so that it stays clean and hydrated.