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How to make curls with a straightener?

If you think you can only straighten your hair with your straightener, you've got it all wrong: your device also allows you to make soft curls for a natural style, on short or long hair.
The right straightener for your hair
To smooth as well as to curl, you must take care of the quality of your straightener and the health of your hair. Ask a hairdresser for advice on the different types of coverings: ceramic, tourmaline or titanium. In addition, some straighteners can maintain lasting effects, which prevents you to repeat the same operation each morning, and thus less damage to the hair. Finally, to protect your hair, first apply a shampoo or spray thermoprotecteur .

English girls and sexy curls
Adjust the thickness of the curl to suit the size of the curls you want. For English girls, choose rather small locks. Open your straightener, place the wick inside halfway, and wrap the rest around the straightener. Slide from top to bottom; under the effect of heat, the loop is formed.

The straightener for a soft hairstyle
To make a soft hairstyle , place the wick in the straightener, rotate 180 degrees, but do not wrap the rest of the wick. When sliding, the straightener describes a wide curve. This is the same principle as for a blow dry: the lock of hair is peeled off at the root, which produces a ripple. You can also use this technique with your straightener to give volume to fine hair.

4 techniques to curl your hair naturally

How to curl the hair naturally and without hair iron? It's very easy to do and without burning your hair with an iron.
Do not start these techniques if you only have 5 minutes to prepare, but do you take the day before for a better result.

In this BeautySymphony video, find 4 very easy techniques to curl your hair naturally .

For these natural wave techniques , you must have wet or wet hair .


Closing my hair without heat source
Contrary to popular belief, your hair does not need a heat source to be curly . Indeed, you just have time ahead and your hair can display perfect curls. Zoom on the steps to follow.

Do you want to have curly hair for a day but do not have a heat source at your fingertips? Do not panic, the looping is still feasible! "You have to wet them and give them the desired shape, with hair curlers in particular, then let them dry.You will have understood that such a technique requires to have time in front of you! Indeed, this technique takes more time than if you use a heater but the result will be the same ".

Only girls withparticularly smooth hair will have to ignore a technique without heat source. "Straight hair like chopsticks are too difficult to modulate and the loop will not hold, flexible hair can be shaped as you please." Do not hesitate to bet on a water-based product. this gives you more texture when you work your loops.The ideal is to wick a bit even if it may seem tedious ".

To curl your hair, there are several techniques. " Curling iron No , consider braiding your hair! Make braidsmore or less tight depending on the effect you want to give your hair. You can also wiggle them. Think about lacquering your hair before giving it the desired shape for an impeccable outfit. "

Our tip: Use the technique of loops without a heat source when you have time in front of you.Summer, such a technique is easier and faster : the sun and the heat dry your hair in no time and you do not risk catching a cold!