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How to use A Revlon Curl Iron

Brush your hair. This will facilitate Revlon iron curlon to be taken from the hair. When you finish curling your hair, you don't want to brush it again, because it can brush the curl.

Turn on your Revlon curling iron. If your hair is stubborn and difficult to work with or if you have very thick hair, set the button on the Revlon button to 35 or the highest setting. Other hair types may want to start with 20 or 25. Iron curlers Revlon can sound or make a sound when heating is done, or you just started when you know it's warm. Don't touch it.

Apply curling iron to your hair and hold it. The Revlon curl iron has a rubber handle to hold when you curl your hair. Revlon curl iron also has a rubber thumb grip for styling rays. Place your thumb on Revlon's rubber handle and press it. Slide the Revlon style beam that opens to the parts of the hair that need to be straightened.

Leave Revlon's iron in each hair hole for about 45 seconds, if your hair is straight. A slightly wavy hair will need around 20 seconds. If the iron sticks to your hair or looks as if it doesn't want to come out, don't worry because it's normal. Revlon iron will straighten your hair by keeping it in place for the correct period of time.

Press and hold the thumb grip on Revlon's iron to move to each other part of your hair that needs to be straightened. When finished, press and hold the thumb handle again and remove the Revlon curl iron from your hair. Turn the knob that you use to turn on Revlon's iron to change it to the "Off" position. Remove the curlon Revlon iron. Allow it to cool completely before storing it in a cupboard or drawer. This can take Revlon iron curl for up to 30 minutes to really cool.

Fight Curly Products to fight it!

Tired of not being able to take care of your hair? From not achieving that hairstyle remains intact before leaving home? Attention to how to fight against criminals.

Whoever suffers knows what that is. After removing your watch with a dryer, iron and brush to stretch your hair, one minute is enough to restore your hair to its natural state. It seems impossible to keep hair intact or curly intact.
Now, why is curls? Wrinkles occur when the hair cuticles are not smooth and properly placed. Then, wind, moisture, sweat ... are enough factors to curl the mane, involve it and provide rough aspects that are thrown backwards.

Lorena Morlote, a famous hairdresser and hairdresser, defines it as "manes with a 'bloated' look that gives a bad impression." But hair doesn't always appear like this. This is also identified when "your hair is lifted and sometimes there is loose hair that is stiff and reflected on the head," Lorena said.

The secret to fighting this capillary phenomenon that makes many women frightened, besides using anti-frizz products, is good hydration. Brushing is also important. There are several models of brushes that produce more static electricity than others. Using dryers excessively is not recommended to end curling so don't forget your head!