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Tips for beautiful natural curls

Curly hair is a symbol of beauty , glamor and femininity . This is exactly the kind of hair a woman dreams about. However, it often happens that this type of hair presents worries being undisciplined .

Most women tend to use heating devices to redefine their curls. To have resplendent ripples , no need to torture your hair with curling iron or even totally aggressive products.

Natural tips exist and this article will tell you everything. Follow the guide !

Wash and treat your hair naturally

Prickly pear
Indeed, to have beautiful curls, they must be revealed by wetting your hair. And as this type of hair is dry in nature, do not hesitate to provide the hydration it needs.

To do this, wash your hair using natural and effective products. In first list is the oil of prickly pear , a vegetable oil extracted from the fruit of the prickly pear. It is little known and yet it surpasses the capacity of argan oil in hair care. Prickly pear oil is relatively rare and valuable .

By having multiple exceptional virtues and components full of essential fatty acids and vitamin E , this cactus oil can revitalize sustainably, shine and nourish your scalp to tame your curls and sublimate them.

For this, apply it before shampooing for use about 2 times a week. His exposure time is 15-20 minutes.

You can also perform a hair mask all night long. Cover your hair so you do not stain your pillow.

Black soap
In addition, you also have black soap that is rich in vitamin E and whose contact on the hair provides protection against drying and better definition of curls.

The use of this soap is important, because to get beautiful curls, you must first get rid of impurities. And that's what this product will provide you with its purifying and exfoliating properties . To do this, you can apply it on your wet hair instead of the usual shampoo. Leave a few minutes, rub lightly and rinse.

Castor oil
You can also use castor oil or "beaver oil" which is quite known for hair care.

Obtained thanks to the pressure of castor seeds, this liquid can be used as an oil bath before shampooing. A few drops are enough to rehydrate the hair to curl and then discipline and develop their growth .

In other cases, beaver oil can also provide a boost to the conditioner for easy disentangling.

Pour a few drops of this oil into your product (organic or natural) and then apply it on the scalp about half an hour at most. This oil will give your curly hair suppleness , softness and especially remarkable hydration . Because to know that to obtain natural and perfect curls, hydration is essential.

This is done in order to maintain the strength of your hair while protecting them from dehydration.

To unravel with a comb with big teeth
This step goes after the shampoo or conditioner. To do this, you will need a comb, but not just any, only one with large teeth.

Then start with the tips and put them back to the root . This will perfect your loops while removing the nodes .

To dry the hair with the good gestures
After rinsing hair, give way to drying . The water that flows from your hair should be absorbed. In this case, you will need a cotton t-shirt or a microfiber towel to wring your hair without the need to rub it. Indeed, friction will damage the curves and the quality of your hair.

When the water will no longer flow, take the tips of your hair in the palm of your hand and go back to the root by crumpling, this gesture is to achieve many times until you get beautiful natural curls .

5 methods to curl your hair!

The voluminous and shiny curls are essential to give glamor to your look. If you do not have curly hair naturally, there are several ways to get it on your own.We have selected these five methods to avoid spending a morning curling your hair.

Use a hair straighteneriron to buy buckle
Heat the iron to smooth. Like curling irons, they need a little time to warm up. Make sure your hair is completely dry . Putting a hot iron on wet hair can seriously damage them, not because the iron is too hot, but because the water will turn into hot steam . Take the lock of hair you want to curl and wrap it around the iron. Pull along your hair and your curl is ready. The position of the straightener will determine the type of curls you will get . If you want your hair to be curled from root to tip, place the flat iron as close as possible to your scalp, without burning it.

Use a curling iron
Most curling irons will need about one to five minutes to warm up before you can use them. If you try to curl your hair with the iron before it reaches the ideal temperature, the curls do not hold. Some curling irons need adjustments to give the result you want . Try to keep it at the lowest possible temperature, to cause less damage to your hair. The ideal temperature is 160 ° C (320 ° F) for fine hair and 220 ° C (430 ° F) for thicker hair. For more information on curling irons visit feraboucler.info .

 Use rollers
tutorial loops

Hair rollers come in different shapes and sizes. Choose the shape and size that best suits your hair type. The heated rollers are very effective and curl the hair faster, but they are not very good for the hair. The Velcro rollers and foam rollers are very easy to use. However, loops need more time to form. Velcro rollers are also a great option for naturally smooth hair because they are less likely to get tangled in your hair. Small rolls will give you a lot of tight curls, while big rolls will give you big loops and are great for adding volume.

Braid your hair
Wash and condition your hair. Use a shampoo and conditioner for a better result. Spray any excess moisture on your hair . Start braiding them, then let your hair dry. When you defeat them, you will have beautiful curls .

Twist your hair
Make Bantu knots . Bantu knots are hairstyles often worn by African women . For this method, you will need what to tie your hair and hairspray. Start by washing your hair. Then you have the choice between drying them with a hair dryer or letting them dry in the open air. Use a comb to divide your hair into four roughly equal sections . Tie the sections into a ponytail. Twist each section in the direction you prefer. A little advice ! Twist the sections in different directions to create a more natural effect. Wrap each twisted sectionand tie them with a rubber band or pliers. If you have chosen to twist wet hair, wait until each bun is completely dry. Detach each section and gently loosen the curls with your fingers . Use a little hairspray for a better result.