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To go further: 5 ways to use a curling iron

The loopback method

Some women find that curling their hair is complicated. Yet, it is, in fact, very simple to achieve. To curl your hair, separate your hair into several parts. Then wrap each wick around the heating cylinder for a few seconds. The duration for the pose, depends on the size of your hair and the mark of the looper. This duration varies between 6 to 12 seconds.

Once the loop is formed, remove the cylinder and repeat the action over the entire head. To warn you that your hair is already looping, some devices have a signaling mode. They therefore produce a sound signal to warn you that your ball is shaped. But that does not prevent to be vigilant enough for fear that your hair will dry up.

The different existing loops

With your looper, you can make several forms of loops. To make tight loops, opt for a conical or fine-diameter looper. Wrap your hair around the conical looper leaving it on for 10 to 12 seconds. Please especially to reduce the time of installation, if you have too fine hair.

For tighter curls, apply the pose on the end of the looper. For loose loops that are even very trendy, wrap your wick around the looper without over-tightening for the same length of time, taking care to reduce the exposure time if you have fine hair. Tightening would mean making tight curls.

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Finally, the undulations, which are also the happiness of women, are realized with a looper at a lower temperature than the others. Space especially the strands on the looper to create the ripple effect. These loops take more seconds than others, for that, it is necessary to decrease the temperature of the looper.

Some precautions to take

Before use, make sure your hair is dry. Being wet, you could be burned, which is undesirable. Remember to dry your hair in the open air or in the hair dryer.

Protect your hair against heat by applying a nutritious cream. In order to optimize the resistance of your hair, opt for a weekly treatment for regular use. Plus, if you have fine hair, reduce your looping sessions to once a week.

The looper is a beauty accessory that allows ladies to make beautiful loops well formed. There are all forms according to the desired style of hairstyle. However, be sure to take the necessary precautions to maximize the strength of your hair and avoid burns.

How to use a curling iron?

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